Worship Night

Worship Night

Austin Smith

November 20, 2021

Worship Night Highlight

Here at Excel, one of our most cherished things we do is encounter the presence of God together as a community.

‘Worship’ at it’s etymology means literally to shape your worth around something. For many, this can be a myriad of things. But for us, we value and trumpet the presence of our good Father.

Although the notion of this word can be put in many boxes, we believe encountering the Lord’s presence can permeate through one’s constructs, pierce through one’s theology, and ultimately, permanently change one’s life in an instant. It isn’t merely music or sitting around the fire singing ‘kumbaya.’ Corporate worship is a table, where everyone brings a side dish - feasting on, conversing about, and experiencing the tangible goodness and kindness of God.

We host ‘worship’ nights (I like to call them music nights) often in our community. The most recent one was just a normal Saturday evening. The room was buzzing with energy and saturated with expectation. Our team began with a reflective, lyrically rich song that gave voice to what many were already feeling. Praise erupted and the engagement was great. After about an hour and a half of songs, declarations, and prayers, there were tears, shouting, dancing, journaling, and many other expressive forms of worship.

There is nothing quite like it. I’ve been leading worship for 10+ years and still, one of my favorite things to participate in is a room full of people professing and demonstrating their love to the Lord. Times like these are always impacting - for healing, reconnection, and transformation.

Austin Smith
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