Worship in Community
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Worship in Community

Desiree Ownbey

As someone who has had a passion for music and the Lord, worship has become a natural part of my life. I started with music when I was fourteen and it was definitely a gift from the Lord. He provided lessons, and teachers around me who wanted to see me flourish with music. Since the Lord has given me this gift of music, why not use it for Him with worship? 

Worship is a powerful thing that can move mountains, bring people to tears, bring freedom, and most importantly bring praise to the One who is most deserving of it. Having worship (or corporate singing as guest speaker Ethan Wendell likes to call it) is a key to living in a thriving community. There’s just something about praising the Lord together that is so powerful. Corporate singing is an overflow of your relationship with the Lord. Austin Smith, our worship director on campus, said it best: “You can’t bring your side dish unless you cook it at home first.” You cannot bring true, overflowing praise unless it is something you are already participating in alone with the Father. So once you “cook” at home, corporate singing just elevates to a higher praise that the Father is already so deserving of. 

The Lord has truly impacted my life through worship in so many ways. For many years I was spiritually attacked and told no one due to fear, shame, and guilt. During my time in Zambia, Africa, I told one of my leaders and she received me with open arms and wanted only deliverance and freedom for me. After I experienced that, I knew that I had to lead worship as a declaration against Satan. So I did. I lead worship in a time where worship felt like the furthest place from where I had just been. I felt so unequipped before the worship session. Afterwards, I felt so ready. Satan was trying his best to get me to stop, however the Lord truly wanted to use the gifts He has given freely. Not only do they fill you up, but they impact so many other lives for good.

Worship is truly one of my favorite things ever. I find it so fascinating that we get to partake in it. How am I worthy to give the Lord praise? How does He delight in my song? Worship is something that the Lord is deserving of, yet it also fills us up. How beautiful is that? It truly makes my heart happy, seeing people worship the Lord in their own unique way is so beautiful. Worship is a beautiful song to the Lord and it also silences lies from the enemy. It’s not a one size fits all type of thing. It’s whatever you want, however you want - just step into praise. So sing, dance, jump around, and shout for joy because Jesus brought you from the pit of hell and adopted you into His family for all of eternity! How wonderful! He is good and worthy to be praised forever and ever.

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