Seasons of Transition
Student Journey

Seasons of Transition

Stephen Barton

Passing from one place to another is always fun for me.

I enjoy new adventures, places, people, and culture! Obviously, this isn’t for everyone. I’m a person who desires to live the vanlife for a year at some point in my life and have thus far traveled to six countries and seven states in the past 2 ½ years right out of high school. Nonetheless, the idea of transitioning even once is daunting for some and petrifying for others. 

This, though, does not imply that you must uproot to transition. For me, it was an uprooting experience because my parents moved when I left for my first mission trip. Meaning I was moving into a new house over the summer months before leaving once more on my second trip. Whilst on the second trip, my family’s new house caught on fire (no one was harmed) and, once again, after 9 months on a mission trip I came back only to move into a new house. 

These mission trips with Global U lasted 9 months, and we moved every 3 months to a new location. After which, I would do the same thing whenever I came back to the states. I never really had a set home except for when I was physically around my immediate family. 

However, moving into the Excel community I have been working through the idea of calling not just the people my home - but the physical location. I am learning to root myself again. To trust once again in the idea of truly living long term in a singular place. This is something that my heart truly desires but hasn’t trusted for a while. 

If you are considering Excel College, consider your roots. Please know that this is good soil for your roots, NO MATTER who you are. I know this community is safe soil. Therefore, this story may look different for you. Though, along my journey I have learned what the good, the bad, and the God looks like especially when it comes to a group of humans. So take it from me that this is the place, if any, to move to. And maybe, just maybe, those of you who know what it means to call a physical location “home” can one day write the flip side of this post for people like me.

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